3D Design by sketol.studio

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Envision The New Room Until It Builds!

SKETOL STUDIO is a 3D interior design studio that helps you to visualize your dream spaces.
Founded by @dfmt.design, aim to see the design proposals enacted using a wide range of approaches in terms of concept, design & materials used.

Sketol.Studio team use the end-to-end software for many projects provides a three-dimensional (3D), immersive view of the new space. Get a look at every aspect of your project coming alive.

This technology prevents any complications and challenges during the construction process, allowing you to see every step of the way before it happens.

How long does the design and bidding process take and how fast will we get my project started?

We will normally schedule your in-home appointment for 1 – 2 weeks. Once designs and selections are finalized, it typically takes about 4-8 weeks to bid the job.

Do you use manufactured cabinets?

We use fully customizable manufactured cabinets in order for your product to have a high-quality finish.

Can I reuse my cabinets, appliances, tub etc.?

Yes, depending on the final scope of the job, we can reuse elements of your existing space.

Can you help me pick my paint colours out?

Yes,we can assist you with selecting paint colors that will complement the rest of the selections for your space.S